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For Students by Students

Roundtable Talks

Round Table Talks provide a time and space for teens to come together and have conversations on topics that are important to Them. It is an opportunity for students to Talk with one another outside of the classroom about their experiences with the world around them and the world within. It's a time to connect, to listen, to support, to guide, to laugh, to learn, and to make sense of the changing world.

Round Table Talks - Students

Round Table Talks - Students

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Increase Resilience

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic we have all been more isolated than usual. Isolation comes in many shapes: we spend more time in our homes, away from other people. We interact less or less meaningfully (not face-to-face) with our classmates, friends and family; we must work harder to get the attention or help when we need it. Combine this with significant stresses in our day to day lives, and we cannot cope as well as we used to. 

Keys to Coping with Change

  •  Reduce isolation 

  • Create a community

  • Increase your own agency and purpose  

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