About Round Tables


No matter your age, your race, how wealthy or poor you are…. There are a few things that help us all restore balance and replenish our resilience.  


1. Healthy interactions


2. Community 


3. A sense of control over your circumstances.

Change and Uncertainty

Change and uncertainty is difficult at any age. However, adults can recognize what the stress of change feels like, and can lean on past life experiences and coping mechanisms they’ve used before. Kids don’t have enough experience. 


One of the biggest causes of emotional stress is “chronic uncertainty” yet it very often silent - flying under the radar. Some feel it acutely and immediately… and for some, it can be a slow simmer.

Teenager on Laptop

Covid  - How have you been...really? What keeps you sane?

Life - juggling school, work, responsibilities, health, friends, Covid!

School - Transition to new school, grade, college
Classes  - electives, subjects, majors, teachers, grades
College - SATs, ACTs, colleges, visits, requirements, essays, reviews
Interests - games, competitions, stories, books, media, interests

Round Table Topics

Round Table topics are as unique and changing as your group wants them to be. Start one with one topic, and see where the conversation takes you. 


Sometimes, it's obvious what people want to talk about. Sometimes you'll need to ask, "What should we talk about next time?" Or send out a survey!

Pro tip! Sneak in a question that helps everyone do a little self reflection. Share your own experience. This will help build trust and the conversation to flow smoothly.

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